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Social investment: working in partnership, promoting human capital

Investing in human capital is key to build more resilient societies. Social services have a key role to play, in partnership with other key public services such as housing, health, education and employment. This session will present different examples on different forms of human capital investment and their outcomes. Christian Bodewig will bring the perspective of the World Bank on how social services can respond to future challenges of automation and increased use of technology in the labour market by reinforcing links with education and health services. Next, Lucia Dal Negro (Founder of De-Lab, an international consultancy) will present the inclusive business approach and how this model, originally created within the development aid sector, can open new scenarios in western societies by enabling vulnerable people to design and create services that activates and empowers them and their communities. Andrés Ramos Vázquez will then provide a specific example of how the ONCE Foundation is helping people with disabilities integrate in the labour market in Spain. Finally, Raf Manji (Councillor in Christchurch, New Zealand) will introduce how the universal basic income can be an efficient tool to address poverty and open up new forms of social contracts impacting social services.

Moderator: Katrina Sichel, Moderator, Wit and Word Communications

Responding to technological change: investing in social services fit for the future
Christian Bodewig, Programme Leader, World Bank

An inclusive approach for meaningful participation in society
Lucia Dal Negro, Founder and Director, De Lab – Solutions about inclusive business, Italy

A partnership approach to support people with disabilities find and retain employment
Manuel Andrés Ramos Vázquez, Deputy Director General of Social Services for ONCE Foundation Affiliates, Spain

Something for Nothing? Income and Work in the 21st Century
Raf Manji, City Councillor, City of Christchurch, New Zealand

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7 simultaneous workshops selected from open call running in parallel

Descriptions of workshops available in:

  1. Experiments in social services: revealing what works to get people into employment

City of Amsterdam and The Netherlands Association of Directors of Social Services (Divosa), The Netherlands

  1. Bridging the gap: from care to independent living sharing experiences and issues

Public Centre for Social Welfare Mechelen (OCMW), Belgium

  1. Public-private networks to prevent gender-based violence in the Lombardy Region

Lombardy Region, Italy

  1. Project promoting mental health and wellbeing for groups experiencing mental stress

Regional Ministry of Health, Andalusia, Spain

  1. Shared Expertise Coaching: creating dialogue between experienced experts and professionals

Laurea University of Applied Sciences and the City of Espoo, Finland

  1. INCORPORA: facilitating access to employment for people in a vulnerable situation

Fundación la Caixa, Spain

  1. JUS-IT: an innovative app for integrated care management for child welfare and the police

City of Hamburg in association with IBM Watson Health, Germany

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Buffet lunch

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Social investment: investing in social infrastructure, public services, impact investing and new care models

Social investment is key to transforming public social services and people’s lives. This approach can bring a shift in the way social policies and services are conceived with an additional focus on prevention. Social investment represents a revolution in the way public services are delivered and an opportunity to use investment to change lives for the better. This session will open with the presentation of major findings from a report on investing in social infrastructure in Europe, presented by Lieve Fransen (Member of the High-Level Task Force for Investment in Social Infrastructure). Herminia Palacio (Vice-Mayor of NYC) will present their investment programmes in health and social services across New York City. Next, Kevin Goldberg (Groupe SOS) will present two projects supported by social impact bonds in France targeting single-parents households and the unemployed. Finally, Mayte Sancho (Matia Foundation) will place an emphasis on how quality management and public procurement based on evidence can impact services quality.

Moderator: Carmen Paun, Reporter, Politico, Belgium

Harnessing investment in social infrastructure: European overview
Lieve Fransen, Senior Policy Advisor, Member of the High Level Task Force for Investment in Social Infrastructure

Investing in children and families, securing people’s futures
Herminia Palacio, Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services, New York City, United States 

Impact investing in France – successful examples and ways forward
Kévin Goldberg, Director General International Action, GROUPE SOS, France

Impact of evidence-led public procurement and service planning on the quality of social services
Mayte Sancho, Director of Service Planning, Matia Foundation, Spain

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Networking break

16:30 – 17:45

7 simultaneous workshops selected from open call running in parallel

Descriptions of workshops available in:

  1. ESTHER: an innovative project to improve out-of-hospital care for citizens and professionals

Design and Learning Centre for Clinical and Social Innovation and Kent County Council in collaboration with Qulturum Centre Jonkoping and Singapore, United Kingdom

  1. MVP: a collaborative programme to prevent violence among children and young people

Municipality of Botkyrka, Local Police and young mentors of MVP, Sweden

  1. 12 Clouds Project: stimulating young people to participate in the community

City Council of Vitoria-Gasteiz and association IRSE-Araba, Spain

  1. Promoting social cohesion through community mediation: a transferable methodology

Seville Country Council, Spain

  1. Intercultural Mediation Programme: Integration of unaccompanied migrant children

Regional Ministry for Equality and Social Policies/ASSDA, Spain

  1. Technology as an enabler of new ways of serving citizens

IBM Watson Health, Austria

  1. Child Protection Hub: a multiple language platform for learning and networking

Terre des Hommes, Hungary


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