Our Programme provides a strategic discussion through its plenary sessions involving ministers, academics and leading professionals from various sectors. It also provides an extensive knowledge-sharing workshop programme and thematic networking sessions.

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ESSC 2018

ESSC 2018 (español)

Fringe event-Nordic Day 2018

Early interventions for newly arrived children and refugee families

This event is organised by the Nordic Welfare Centre, a member of the European Social Network, and is free for all conference delegates.

For further information please click here: Nordic Day 2018

Schedules & Location


Location : Seville, 28th – 30th May 2018

Fringe event ‘Nordic Day’:

  • 27 May: 1400-1700

Conference schedule:

  • 28 May: 1100-2200
  • 29 May: 0900-2200
  • 30 May: 0900-1300

Join over 500 senior professionals from across Europe to connect
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