IBM Watson, gold partner of this year’s conference, will explain how new technologies enhance social services delivery

The greater use of technology in social care is a foregone conclusion. New and advanced technologies, will allow local authorities and service providers to refocus budgets and enable social workers and case workers to have improved interactions with those who need their help the most.

IBM Watson Health are at the forefront of developing and deploying technologies such as artificial intelligence, cognitive technologies and cloud computing with social care providers to bring about significant change in the sector.

The company has a wealth of Social Programme Management solutions for organisations to enable those decision makers to deliver maximum potential while protecting the most vulnerable citizens.

Programmes are designed to bolster and benefit areas such as child welfare, employment, disability management, public health and social assistance.

IBM Watson Health is being used by worldwide with the likes of AI, cognitive technology and cloud-based computing being used in a number of ways to analyse vast amounts of data to enable case workers to make better and more informed decisions.

At this year’s European Social Services Conference in Seville, IBM Watson Health experts will be hosting a workshop that will highlight examples of technology enhancing social care delivery, exploring the opportunities and pinpointing the risks for all involved.

Workshop: Technology as an enabler of new ways of serving citizens

Discover more at the IBM Watson Health website.